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It hasn’t been that long since the days when marketing and business development was simply defined as networking at luncheons, and lawyer’s most valuable business development tool was the Rolodex.  Person-to-Person contact with a prospect is still the most important and conclusive component of winning new business.  As a solo practitioner or small law firm with less than 20 attorneys, you deserve to have a seat at the table of BIG Law Firms because you know the law, you can productively serve your clients and PMG can help you prepare and execute to win. 

As a Certified Clio Consultant PMG utilizes advanced CRM technologies to catapult your firm to the next level with Legal Practice Management SaaS understanding your client information.  For those that are wondering, "What does SaaS mean?" It's the abbreviation for "Software as a Solution." If you're like we are, we like to know everything we possibly can about everything we can.


The reality is that technology not only uncovers buried opportunities, but prioritizes them according to your strategy criteria and present them in meaningful formats. 


A few other PMG benefits of working with our MBD:

·         Market & Competitive Intelligence

·         Business Development Support

·         Pipeline Management

·         Social Media Management & Public Relations

·         Branding and Visibility in Support of MBD

·         Target and Lead Generation

·         Seminars and Events

·         Celebrity Engagement Marketing Events

·         Leverage Marketing Technology

“Insanity… Is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result”… Einstein

Today’s clients are handling more business in-house, and internal demands to find new clients are on the rise.  Increased competition means you need to differentiate your firm like never before. Technology is moving at the speed of light. But is your law firm on pace to keep up with the changing proposal behaviors or the interactive inquiries for connecting to your target markets?  Our goal is to help your small firm gain big revenue with quality clientele.


Marketing.  The process of creating awareness for the firm and providing insight and support for business development efforts.  PMG can help your firm, prepare talking points, coordinate sponsorships, create targeted brochures, social media management, event planning and maintaining your website with content marketing. Giving you one-to-many relationships for a results-oriented favorable outcome.


Business Development. The process of identifying opportunities, developing one-to-one relationships, and securing profitable work for the firm.  PMG works on your behalf through cross-marketing services, golf outings, client presentations, networking, meeting with prospective client and pursuing leads generated. These activities work together, but separate to WIN!



PMG Marketing & Business Development Consulting lets you apply strategic techniques at every stage of the legal marketing lifecycle— planning, engagement, conversion, and measurement. You can enhance your marketing workflows and deliver key activities to drive revenue, win RFPs, & maintain efficiency.

Plan with Clear Insight. When you have complete company and client data, along with trend analysis, you can develop a better strategy. Our relationship management services identifies your primary target market and plans activities to brand your firm as the go-to expert for the industry.


Engage Clients and Prospects.  Client/Prospect interaction is essential for marketing campaigns. Event Marketing engages your target market so you can maintain relevant contacts, giving you the ability to engage with the right people at the right time.


Convert Opportunities. To win new business, you must be able to demonstrate success and experience with specific, recent, and relevant details to help create a win-win percentage for new business.


Measure Results. Being able to review, measure, and refine is essential in order to optimize marketing strategies and tactics. To do so, you need analytics to evaluate and improve your marketing campaigns.

PMG is the growing leader in excellence in preparation and organization to assist clients with their path to success.  We help you reach your goals and attain your milestones that contribute to your bottom-line.  Together we can exceed your expectations and provide value to your business, organization, or personal assets.


PMG is passionate about working with people by offering the advice and development you need to succeed while doing the right thing in tough times.