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Business Plan for Business Owners
Starting a business is one of the most rewarding accomplishments to ever be done in your life.
The passion that you have for wanting to start the business is the same determination needed to write down your foundation for the business. Because the business cannot survive without the essence of what you want to get out of your business to be successful. Every day that you open the doors to your business is the day that you must bring your passion into the outline for the business focused on Consumer-Driven Marketing and Customer-Based Retention which is part of your Marketing Strategy within your business plan. Here's five tips to get your creative writing flow exercise. READ MORE
Pursuing Pro Football
As a college football player, you have played all four years, in some instances five years, and once you have exhausted your college football eligibility, you now want to play professional football. But what does that actually mean because of the approximate 50,000 college football eligible players, there is less than 1% chance to play in the National Football League. Now there are a few other professional leagues to pursuit, but which one is best for you. The Extreme Football League (XFL), or the United States Football League (USFL), Arena Football League (AFL), Pro Indoor Football League (IFL), or do you want to venture overseas and play in Europe, or Brazil, or Arabia.

Managing Your Law Management
Positively as a practicing attorney, you have trained extensively on becoming the best lawyer with the most wisest historical reference from past cases to create logical reasoning to be successful on present cases. But there's another side to managing your lawfirm. Check out the Insights of Prince Management Group on managing your law practice...READ MORE

How Do You Know if Your Business is a Hobby?
Use Your Marketing Tax Deduction or Lose it PMG Can Market Your Law Firm in the New Year
As a new business owner, you focus on writing the business plan, you find a location to setup your office, you get your pricing strategy down to charge for your products or services. But DID YOU KNOW... if your business is not profitable three years consecutively within a five year span that the Internal Revenue Service will declare your business a “HOBBY”.  What does that mean?  Means you will no longer be able to take the tax deductions for your business to offset your revenue generated. BTW: Marketing is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, use it or lose it.  READ MORE
Outsourcing your company's marketing strategy is the best way to maximize your marketing budget. This is great for marketing campaigns annually, quarterly, or by the project. But DID YOU KNOW that all of your marketing dollars are tax deductible (within the limits of the law of the IRS). Outsourcing marketing enables companies to acquire all the expertise, tools and tactics of a comprehensive marketing department from a third-party company, which eliminates the need to hire skilled marketing personnel. The IRS helps businesses reduce headaches of not having a dedicated marketing department, but the deductions help. READ MORE There are trends in 2023 that will work for small to medium sized law firms. Prince Management Group has the capacity to design a quarterly and/or annually marketing campaign strategy to maximize the exposure of branding utilizing the trends for the upcoming year. It’s made possible by the education, experience, talent, and valuation of the client-focused approach. The only way to grow a law firm is to conduct a solid marketing campaign that puts the firm in the forefront of your target market.  The Business Development will come from the proposal pitches by your attorneys. READ MORE